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    Why Celebrate Marriage?

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All contents © 2011
by Lorin Killoy
My sister announced to us one day
That a wedding was on the way
And I asked the Lord, "Why go through the pain?
Why Celebrate Marriage? It's such a strain?"

Then the Lord to me replied,
"My most precious dearest child, 
Knowledge is what I'll give to you
Because you need to know it true

"The mountain high and the burning sun
Both bow before a mightier one
A power so wondrous is what I speak of 
And this magnificent power is LOVE

"It's LOVE that makes the bird to sing
LOVE is the reason for a lot of things
LOVE is everywhere, up and down
LOVE even makes the world go 'round

"So when LOVE makes two people unite
It is a very beautiful sight
The joining of two souls as one
Is something that can't be outdone

LOVE bears a symbol proud
Marriage is that sign endowed
The two as one is so great 
That we gather to celebrate

"So my child, now you know
And with this knowledge you will grow
For LOVE is such a joy to see
An everlasting gift to thee!"

Written for my sister's wedding, July 20, 1985