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All contents © 2011
by Lorin Killoy
In my dreams I have seen me
The way I really want to be
Sometimes the Queen, Sometimes the King
I can dance, and I can sing

I play the role I want to play
Everything always go my way
I am the top;  I am the best
I excel over all the rest

But in reality I am not right
My dreams seem very out of sight
I trip, I fall, I crumble down
At the top, I am not found

"This year I'll make it! This year is mine!"
Is what I say time after time
But after a while I find I'm too late
In my ongoing quest to be so great

Right now I'm down in my goal for life
And this causes me an abundance of strife
I cannot bear to go through the pain And the fear of falling down again

Is there a magic cure divine
That will stop my fall this time?
Is there a way to make it through?
Is there a way to make life anew?

All I can say is that I'll see
How this year turns out for me
I'll approach it with caution and with care
As my latest quest, the ultimate dare.