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    No Good Without Bad

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All contents © 2011
by Lorin Killoy
As I walked along the path of life 
I saw several things like grief and strife
And I asked the Lord away up there
How come on earth there is such despair?
And you know what the Lord said?

Look all around you
Even look up to the sky
Look at all the creatures
And you will see the reason why

Look at all the people 
Of every nation and every race
See the grace and happiness
On every smiling face

Smell all the flowers 
See all the birds and bees
Count how many nests you find
As you look up to the trees

Have you ever seen a down without an up?
Have you ever seen a bottom without a top?
Have you ever seen a right without a left?
Then along with the worst, also comes the best.

'Cause there's no such thing as a wrong without a right
And there just can't be a day without a night
For every happy there is also a sad
So how can there be a good without a bad?