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    Just Another Day

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All contents © 2011
by Lorin Killoy
Today is my birthday
But it's just another day
I have to work; we have bills to pay
It's just another day

Litterboxes need cleaning
Dinner to cook
Dishes need washing
Dirt in every nook

I need to exercise
I'm overweight
How can I cope
With a birthday cake?

I want to be in bed
With my husband and cats
But I should call the exterminator
The house has silverfish and ants

As for dinner this evening
I want lobster for my fête
But can we really afford it
Or will we add to our debt?

My day job is boring
The second one is okay
I want my own business
And much better pay

I have a lottery ticket
For tonight's Powerball game
But I know the result
Will be losing again

Stress turns my dreams
Into nightmares of late
A restful night's sleep
Is what I await

But I've volunteered for a fan club
To chair an event
I fear come October
I'll ask where the time went

Novels I'm writing
On my PDA
But I waste too much time
Solitaire I play

But I have crafts
And sewing to do
The basket of mending
Is overflowing, too

My home office's a mess
And before I can sew
I have to set up the table
I'm feeling so low

Don't ask about the filing
There's too much to do
I wish that the Universe
Would just let me go

The driveway is cracked
The steps need mending
I know that this list
Is neverending

Today is my birthday
I should celebrate
But inside I wish
It was a different date

I'm at work today
Tonight we have bills to pay
It's just another day
But it's my birthday

-August 28, 2002