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    Cloudy Skies

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All contents © 2011
by Lorin Killoy
As I looked up to the cloudy skies
All I could see was a star or two
The moon was hidden from my eyes
Because my eyes were only for you

And in that sky the clouds had streaked
A path of grey across the moon
The earthreal sounds the crickets peeped
Filled our ears with a beautiful tune

The wind had blown through our hairs
And turned the summer heat to cool
I thought it blew away all cares
Looking back I was a fool

For love is blind, deaf, and mute
A life entrapped; a life not free
Love is something to dispute
For life is to hear, to say, and to see

I now know what I missed when I closed my eyes
And looked instead with an open heart
For you were not real - just a disguise
I found that out when I was torn apart

And now as I look to the cloudy skies
The stars shine more illuminate
For now I know and realize
That a life without you is a life that's great